Monday, October 22, 2012

Beaver Brook Association - Maple Barn

Is a beautiful place. Its a nonprofit that leases land to wanna-be farmers and growers that  plant and tend. Pumpkins were everywhere. And the stone fences are everywhere along the sides of roads. They are historically protected. 
Their rustic-ness makes me swoon.

I walked around for hours taking it all in and of course capturing amazing images on my SD card. And beautiful trees turning everywhere you look.

A wonderful walk through that has all kinds of textures and foliage.

Down by some old farm equipment grew this which is probably a weed but who cares. Its pretty. And yes, white is a color.

There's a wonderful path that had lots of color and foliage in which I carefully strolled down. I have this penchant for face planting and didn't want to get up close and personal with the dead leaves. 
Well this is part of the path without the color but it looked so cool and foresty.
Caught this on the return up the path. Love the red leaves against the brown tree trunk.
An original structure now used as an office is right by the side of the country road. And doesn't it make you swoon.

Found more red. Love red. Its my favorite color  but you wouldn't know it because I mostly wear green. Which is opposite red on the color wheel. 
So I guess I'm close. 

More loveliness and managed to capture it while the sun was still out and shining through.
And red and fences.......ooooooo

The weather does change abruptly and in turning this corner. BAM. A picturesque, just begging for a post card, church steeple.
 Swooned again right after taking this shot.

And then there was this barn smothered in the warmth of the sun surrounded by all the gorgeous color. Shot this one on the fly right out the car window. Break out the smelling salts.


  1. I love your new blog header and these beautiful fall photos!

  2. love, love the new blog haeder ~ so cool!! Love the nature pictures Beautiful Lynn!!!

  3. Gorgeous pics, as usual. Even the ones with less color are amazing.


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