Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monster storm Monday.....

Was an attempt to take my mind off what was going on.  I was trying not to worry because every single family member was in harm's way. So....busy mind - busy hands helped while the news blared on in the background. I did have Joe (Bonamassa) singing in my ear and he always brings out the creativity. Annie girl wrapped in a towel was just too sweet not to do. This paper is total stash. Love it! This morning I found they had a little fence damage but came through basically unscathed. Waiting on word from other family.

Sooooo Ms. Ashli must have felt a drain on her super powers because this is a lift of hers somewhere along the line. I know you're thinking again. Me too. It was a fun page to do with a fun photo. The pix is Holli's and as soon as I saw it the title popped into my head. Which is really exciting because I have trouble with titles. I know this shocks you. I also threw some stash together but some of this is Pebbles. Holli's daughter Amber had to do a school project using recyclables. Recycable art - NOW I think of that title darnit. 
seewhatImean? Hmmm.....maybe I can work that in.


  1. Gorgeous pages Lynn, it must have been very hard for you with family all over the East Coast. We made it through OK, lots of branches down, and a basement window blew out, but we never lost power which I"m grateful for, the only real problem we have now is what to do with all this "non perishable" junk food we loaded up on. LOL ... what were we thinking?

  2. I know what you mean~worried too. Watched it on TV last night. I have been to NYC several times so it was so weird. Ashli has got to be proud of her STAR student { that's you}~These are both pretty {ashli awesome}!!

  3. Scrapping is a great way to work through worry! I hope you hear from the rest of the family soon. These turned out great!

  4. Your layouts turned out beautifully! Thanks for the super sweet mention :)


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