Tuesday, October 9, 2012

more scenes from Sebastian Inlet...

This little guy was quite friendly as we sat and watched the world go by on the sea wall. 

Takeout! I wasn't fast enough to get the swoop and clutch - mostly because I was looking the wrong way.

I love old boats, shrimpers, tugs. They have so much character. 

Can't get enough of the wildlife.

And these guys were still hanging out on the way back, and they were ok with my getting up close and personal.

We were sitting outside at our site and this friendly dude was just as curious as we were. He looks like a teacher with a pointer in his mitts.

We motored on up to the Jetty at Cape Canaveral and parked for a few minutes to watch the action.

Its not often you see a sailboat using its sails in Florida - so it was cool to watch. There was lots of fishing going on.

And this guy was looking for a handout from the fisherman cleaning their catch. And he wasn't a bit shy.

Another sailboat coming on in under sail. 


  1. Beautiful photos, Lynn! The squirrel caption made me laugh.

  2. Gorgeous photos Lynn. Do you love sea shells? I love the coast and shells, the smell of the air, the water........and on and on!:):)

  3. Wow, these pics are amazing!!

  4. I do love sea shells, and the smell and feel of the ocean and beaches. I even love the sound of the seagulls.

  5. As if the pics weren't awesome enough - I am getting such a kick out of the comments for each (didn't get the scoop n catch because you were looking the wrong way? seriously?) ;) Amazing my friend


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