Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crop til ya drop!

I went to another crop! Shocking I know. But since  I had aa lot of fun at the first one, I thought I'd do it again. This time with a plan. Bwahahaha!!! I know. MEEEE with a plan. (You can get up off the floor now).

So I printed photos and put kits together. *gasp*faint*thud*. Doesn't that shock you. However, the All American Boys - was a challenge. Of course I thought the challenge up. Holli and I were swapping pix. So in the midst of swapping, my challenge was to give Holli (and me) the photo and the kit of the person's choosing and then a page would ensue. So Holli printed the pix and kitted it and I made the page. Love it!

The next two were a total win-win. Kevin took the photos AND blogged about them. So when I downloaded them, I printed out the blog journaling                    and wa-la. PAGE(s)!

It so doesn't get any better than this. Except at the crop, when you complete a page you got the "cupcake". Which I am proud to say I had in my possession a number of times. Only won the prize once though. But in having the cupcake when a lady completed her page and hollered for it, gave me this globe that she had cut out. It sooooo fits perfectly with the page and journaling.

I love that in having fun, I was able to complete quite a few pages. 

I so enjoyed scrapping with Brooke, Suzanne and Holli. And speaking of Holli, she completed the pages below.

She did some for Jill and a couple for me.

I'm so thrilled she was inspired by Jill's pix.

I have some kitted of hers that I need to complete. I'm soooooo on it.

My second crop was way more fun than the first. Of course, I took a lot more stuff and it was so easy using the pages I kitted in advance. I had a couple of kits that didn't work out, however, I plan to scrap them while at home where there are more  supplies at hand that will boggle and confuse the mind. As if. Lmao................


  1. WOW! So much great work! Lovely to see :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow, you were seriously productive! These are wonderful!

  4. wow~and did you drop? These are amazing, just think of all the seperate blog posts they would have made:):):) I know you wanted to show them off and the adorable pictures!!!awesomeness is what it is!!!!!

  5. what a great atime we had can't waite for the next one!!! we must have another challenge to do that was so much fun!!!! great lo's


  6. YOU -- this is the busiest kinda of crop I think you've ever attended *rofl*

    WONDERFUL PAGES THOUGH! Way more than we'd have accomplished zinging on the PC *snort*


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