Monday, October 15, 2012

Beach - Shore - Beach - Shore

Beach... LOL! I'm rolling with that. 
Even though.....
we were at the Jersey Shore.
Ocean Beach where we head almost every Labor Day
for the past - um - quite a few years to hang
with family.
It was fun this year, and different.
We rented our own little cottage and the Duffy family
came down to stay. And we got to hang
a little bit longer with the grands.
Every minute counts.
Every fun, enjoyable and total minute.
Annie girl was having fun.
Doing the beach thing at the shore.
Authentique rocks.
Oh and the color challenge at SNC. 


  1. Looks like she's having a blast! Awesome page with the wandering twine and misted background!

  2. So cute and she is having some fun for sure!!! Great design and have fun traveling!!!

  3. Cute pics and layout!! I love the beach, no matter where it is.


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