Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hipstamatic and Iphoto fun...with some repeats

Always fun to whip out the phone and snap some. Trouble with instamatic I forget which one is my favorite lens. Obvious not this one since it muted all the beautiful colors. 

So down the road a bit switched to reagular iphone. Could use a nip of contrats but omymy love the trees.

This looks just as fun in hipsto as it did If you look in the post below. Actually I may like this one better. 

Thought the angle of the tree branch was fun although not much color happening.

Here's a hipsto pix of another one I shot with the camera (see below again). Love the lighting.

And the wooden structure that made me swoon  looks awesome with this filter. 

Can you really get enough of the trees. 

OOOOOO and this barnboard wood. Sigh.

And my rotten favorite eldest son. This is what will be on my phone when he calls. He's more of a texter. Figures.


  1. The filters really bring out the goodness in these! Love the barn structure!

  2. Have to try that~these look great!!!

  3. love all the pics i think my favorite is the barn, of coarse i wanat to scrap that pic too instantly spoke to me.. how funny is that


  4. go for it chickie - just download that baby.

  5. Beautiful pics. I love that we have phone cameras nowadays that are so easy to keep on hand.

  6. HILARIOUS - can't tell that he's got your sense of humor or anything *insert eyeroll here*
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos - sometime we will have to escape and run away with cameras :D


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