Monday, August 13, 2012

U feel lucky punk? Dueling Styles

We were having a blast on a thread over at ScrapNChat and Janet was trying to get something done. So I told her to fling me a photo and we'll both do it. Thus my challenge would get done. Nothing like trolling for challengers, lol!
So she sent me three. This one is Janet's and below is mine.

I told her the minute I saw these photos the title just zinged through my head. It couldn't be helped. Really. It was just too much fun. I had a blast and it was a challenge for me to get 3 pictures on a page. 

So the challenge again is find a friend, acquaintance or even a stranger and scrap the same photo!
The waiting and wondering is fun. How are they gonna turn out????


  1. Oh wow Lynn ... both of your girls did a great job with the pics, different and fun. Love them ...

  2. So fun to see the pics by two different scrappers! I love when you do this!

  3. Love both versions ~ very cool to see two different takes!!! great blog post!!!

  4. I Love both our takes on the photos...especially yours! LOL!!! Ya feel lucky! Thanks for the challenge!


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