Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On her feet!

Annie girl is walking. A little timidly, slowly finding her way. Its amazing the first year all the new tricks they learn going from baby to toddler. I know you're surprised I used Authentique. 

After having grands I forget there are other members of the family I can scrap. This is Shane a few moons ago. I found this photo in the wayback baggie hanging around in the wayback box while I was on a mission for something else. Its always the way it happens. I can get sidetracked soooooo easily. Get ready for it - Sassafrass Lass!!! I decided to keep it simple, because I tried to get crazy with some other paper and the result was less than stellar. 


  1. I love using my stash! Sassafras lass was a favorite of mine for sure. Love how both of these came out~you do have the knack for making great pages girl!!!

  2. aww... your 'little lady' is just the cutest! no wonder you almost 'forget' to scrap the other family members, too... but the little ones, they grow so fast.... *sigh*

    LOVE the sunburst background on your second page.. it's just perfect for the picture!!!

  3. Yay for Annie! I love the background on both pages. So cool. The first one reminds me a bit of a French memo board. :)


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