Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Treasure your time............

While plowing through the wayback box I found this photo of Billy, me and Gram. All decked out (may have been a holiday or after church). We were taking a break as we strolled through one of the cemeteries one or more loved ones have been buried. (It may be Hellertown's but I can't swear to it). Back in the day it was duty/chore/thing for lack of better word, to visit, bring flowers and tend loved ones graves. Of course there were a couple of rules. NEVER stomp on a grave, NEVER mess with the headstone, and NEVER run, shout or play. 
ALWAYS be respectful. 
These jaunts are probably why I love to cruise through cemeteries now. 
The history in them is rich. I did write a hub Raking through the dead leaves of what you will find in cemeteries and the older the better.
So now that I knocked the story out of the way in which I left no room for journaling except the basics 
lets chat on how the page started.
It started with the flowers. Remember as I was making these same PIA flowers the other day, I mentioned using wax paper to get them removed from the spellbinders die because of the intricacy of said flowers. And the wax paper looked cool. 

So I said self, how about vellum. I remember a time when vellum was the next new thing. And then it of course fell by the wayside. But the flowers look sooooo cool. And then them pesky itty bitty teeney weeny beads. Sigh. Well when I was dumping them on the flowers the other day they went everywhere but where the glue was and looked really cool doing it.  This time I tried to envision their course and plopped glue around and for the most part it worked out. If one or two was loose, and landed where I liked it, they were glued individually. It took a couple of tries, but I love the outcome. Then I used the negative of the vellum and since it was blending in, I took stickles and outlined them. And a bead or two may be on a pedal. 
I really wanted an ethereal look and I got it. 


  1. totally relate to this. so true! Love the LO~awesome and respectful!
    great post Lynn!!

  2. Beautiful layout, Lynn! I love the softness that the flowers bring to the page.

  3. those flowers came out beautiful!


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