Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Intervention Tuesday

My pal April is coming out of a slump so we cyberscrapped. Lots of fun! Yahoo rocks. SNC rocks. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw these pix. And the Olympics were on. Of course this is winter but they live in the hinterland anyway so it's all good. So SEI woo hoo and I DOODLED. 
gasp faint thud.

And of course missy crossfitter trying a new exercise with daddy, barbells, chinups and now pushups. LOL! I should be as active. The ole bod just isn't that flexible. Working on it
SEI again. I know you're just getting up off the floor on the first round. Got some texture going on and used my basic grey chipboard.

What you see evolving is me trying to take what I love about Soaphousemama's Style using it all and making it my own and of course making it look good. I love using it all and Ashli makes it look really really easy and really really awesome. 


  1. Love them both~the first one is adorable!! Loving the pic's~I'm seeing a new style developing:):) Great background texture!!!

  2. Great layouts Lynn! Love all the dimension on these layouts. That photo on the second one makes me smile!

  3. These are great, Lynn! Such cute pics. Love the texture on them too.

  4. both pages are beautiful, Lynn! Love them! the pictures on the first layout are too cute :-)

  5. Awesome job!!! You know I love me some pen work! Way to rock it out... and thanks for the sweet mention!


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