Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Butterfly Kiss and a Double Dog Dare

Okay we're gonna knock this part out of the way. My page is a total blatant lift of Soaphousemama aka Ashli. She has a stepxstep tutorial about resisting, painting and spraying that if you look <-------------------------- that way you'll notice I flat out flunked. Like totally. Laughing will not hurt my feelings. much. LMAO........... So now that we knocked that out of the way I tossed that baby and started again. Without the resisting, because obviously I couldn't resist. yunk yunk!!! It's obvious that misting is an issue as it came out of that mister like a heat seeking rocket and exploded on my paper. No amount of wiping and dabbing was gonna do it. Ever. 

However, I regrouped because I had this amazing photo that need to be showcased.
I found some more paper and put this lame background stamp on. Then I punched out flowers and used this stuff called Papier that supposed to make it look like glass and it does (sort of like glossy accents). I had never used it - still had the protective covering on and since the mess from above, how hard could it be. Snort. 
Well it dries gooier than glossy accents and stuck to my glass mat. While it was sticking to my mat, not one to rest on my laurels I had butterflies to make. So I didn't have the glassine paper Ashli used, but I had mulberry paper. Probably the same stuff. Anyway, I cautiously misted, threw down some of the Papier stuff and then some embossing powder. And waited and waited for the drying to complete. Of course that stuck too. Sigh. It was tough to punch but I was determined. 
And then came the sequins.
As cautious as I was opening the package, they flew everywhere.
Raise your hand if you saw that one coming. 
I kind of just threw them down figuring I'd go back and add glue later and for the most part that worked out. So now that you heard my sad, pathetic story. 
Be afraid, very afraid. lol!!

THE DOUBLE DAWG DARE over at SCRAP N CHAT - IS TO USE MULBERRY PAPER AND SEQUINS ON YOUR PAGE. The fuzzy stuff in the center of the flower is that petal soft stuff. Bought it never used it.
Of course that was fun and very fine. Can we say everywhere???
Thanks Ashli!!! Hope you don't mind.
I couldn't resist.


  1. cheering you on, don't give up:):)~does that help any? I haven't even tried her style ~ it is amazing though~love the second one~singing your praises:):):)

  2. I am still laughing!!!!You know how alike we are with stuff that sticks! And also working with little tiny things that go everywhere except where you want them to go! Thanks for the chuckles, Chickie! You do really cool stuff...lovin the pix...keep up the good work! Miss you!

  3. Oh, you are too funny! Next time, I dare you to work through it :) Sometimes that is the best way to figure out how it works for you... force yourself to finish :) Also, another tip is to spray the mist onto wax paper, then use a baby wipe to dap it onto your layout... less powerful and more subtle that way. I am so flattered that you like my style enough to try it!!! HUGS! And, BTW - your second page did indeed turn out great!!


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