Monday, August 20, 2012

She can pout...........

xLove pictures like this. While there's a story behind it for sure, mom will have to write when I do her page. This was mine and I think the photo and pout can stand alone. Authentique with some Creative Imaginations, and watercolor on the flowers. Of course, I really wanted more multi-color in the flowers, however, when you paint horizontically on papers that have the end cut off, they aren't going to be long enough for your die. 
I know that surprises you.
 This photo I just love, my gram with my Shane. And he's actually sitting still in mammy's living room. I kept the details because, well its her stuff. More Authentique - and some of my homemade washi tape. The hot pink hearts would bring a bit of a issue. My paint has been sitting around for a long time and therefore in order to get it rolling I added some water so I could use it. Wellll while shaking it with the LID ON, somehow the paint flew EVERYWHERE. I'm still cleaning it up. I'm so glad tile floor is easy. I have since tossed the bottle, because it was the old ones with the metal top that need pliers to remove and it was all cracked and stuff and I may have added way MORE water than needed. Sigh. 


  1. Both are super sweet~nothing sweeter than a little pout face!!!:)

  2. Great mix of the blue and orange!

  3. Oh, that pout just MELTS me! Beautiful pages.

  4. Aww that pout is adorable!! Love these layouts-great job!

  5. great layout! you do make me giggle :)


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