Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My little waterbug.............

Love this photo. She has a stick in her hand and its like the most fascinating thing in the world. Love it. Ack forgot the journaling. Sigh. Anyway love how it turned out. Websters is yummy. Used my punches. Love that. It didn't come together easy either. I know you're shocked. I was either over thinking or under thinking. 
I'm torn as to which as I can certainly go either way.

So my nagging paid off because my favorite eldest son Nick's - Jill, the parents of my lovely waterbug finally has a blog. If you'd be so kind as to check it out I'd totally appreciate it. You guys are the best. Fit for Keeps Photography.

Busy today - getting my boobs smashed after the bloodsuckers did their thing yesterday.
DR appt next week. All my to-do's are ta-done. 
Go me.


  1. Super sweet page, Lynn! Good luck with the mammo. :)

  2. awesome as usual - glad the title came together for ya (haha). I shall blog stalk as well :)

  3. so sweet, I love the photo too! so special Lynn!!


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