Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Peas in a Pool

As soon as I saw the picture of Amelia - in a puddle (I took artistic license on the title.My bad) it reminded me of the photo of me relaxing in a kiddie pool without a care in the world. And then OMG! how much we look alike at more or less the same age just blew me away. Because she looks more like my son, who favors his dad. 
But maybe not that much. Anyway, Poor kidlet.
So of course there had to be a page. And I just happen to have some new Authentique.
I know that also shocks you. However, I paired with with some Basic Grey.
Primas, Creative Cafe, Melissa Francis - is that cute lock and key at the top. And QK spicy
chicken and lemonade which you can't see on the clock-Heidi Swapp.

And there's the Q-man, quite a poser, with his skateboard and cute lil grin. He's a flippin' hoot and I love all the pix of him. Just makes me smile. This is older Basic Grey and I'm not sure how the green got on there, but it works.
More or less. 
Fun page and I got to use more metal mesh.

I have published a new hub of our continuing travel adventures out west. This one is Days 10 & 11-Yellowstone Park. Please click, enjoy and vote UP and any other adjective that strikes your fancy. You can also comment. Thanks for your support.


  1. These layouts are great! I love that you look alike, and what a little skater! I don't know if you saw it or not, but the project I had published in the July Cricut was a skateboard that was my nephew's, that was broken slightly. Anyway I put his photos on it and added some circut cutouts from their "Dude' cartridge. Then I added brackets on the back so he could hang it on his wall. I did take the wheels off however. He loved it. Love Penny

  2. Beautiful pages Lynn ... loving that you are getting to enjoy the grands even though they aren't close in proximity, yet you keep them close at heart. Great job girlie.

  3. love them Lynn~both!! How great you have a mini me:):):)

  4. So cute to find out that you both look alike! I love doing photo comparisons like that. Such fun layouts!


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