Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heritage and Swirlydoo kits.....

is a good mix.I started this page by playing. That lovely punched strip across the top had to be shown who's boss. If you've been following you know that I have had issues with punches. Well that one choose not to work properly after I already returned one that didn't work right. So this time the paper didn't come out. So I left it that way and when I went to return it, I righteously whipped it out and said "this one won't even let you get the paper out" and I yanked (because I yanked the night before and it stayed). WELL right there in the middle of the shop, the paper just comes right out.
Well didn't I feel stupid. 
So now it knows who's boss. lol!
Anyway used some papers and embellies from my swirlydoo kit. What you don't see is I used a clock stamp and added some embossing powder. You still couldn't see it well so I slopped on some paint. I should've left it without the paint. Big flowers and paper strips good for covering it up. 

Started playing with this one and it became a train wreck. I saw on some blog I was hopping around on about using the remains of the pop dots to get that honeycomb look. Well. The paint was too runny so it ended up being a puddle which I wiped off and smeared it al over the paper, covering the design. So I discovered some long lost foam stamps and added that. Sort of reverse dots. Hmmm...there's some bling on there you can barely see, and burlap for texture against the transparency thingy. 
My Aunt Sue is in both pictures and Uncle George in this one when they were kidlets. If the dog had a name its long forgotten.

Double dog dare on scrap n chat - use a transparency thingy.

Oh as I was blasting around some blogs there was a smash book one that was explained well. Really well. I actually "got it". Can I find said blog again??? NOOOOOO!!! If you know what blog that is can you link me up??? I'd appreciate it.
Have a great Wednesday.


  1. I don't know...all of these "accidents" you have sure turn into some great layouts. :)

  2. Lynn, I love both of your layouts! I soooo adore your heritage pictures of your family! You are so blessed to have all of these old photos from your loved ones!!!
    Oh... the punch 'thing' sounds awkward ... but hey... at least YOU WON the battle and it gave you the paper back *lol*
    Sylvia xx

  3. I really like the details and touches in the first layout! Always fun to scrap old photos! TFS!

  4. Lynn these are fabulous. Love both of them. accidents are great aren't they:):) fabulous, Girl!!!:):)

  5. loving that idea for the pop up dots. Looks GREAT! You need more accidents, lol ")

  6. Sure Lynn. "I accidentally did this and it is awesome". Likely story :|
    Love the heritage, which you always do rock BTW.

  7. Oh I love that wild flower page.


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