Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey baby....

you come here often? That is quite the pose and I bet she does - because its Annie's room. Love the pose, the face and the bedhead. So much fun.
Jillybean Soup rocks, with Basic Grey fibers - they make my heart go pitty-pat. 
I think Miss Amelia is becoming a crossfitter. If you notice daddy's hands are really close but she's hanging on her own. Tough Cookie. Back to more grunge. Had some fun with my new background stamp that looks like brick. She is hanging in a garage after all. Threw some textures in on Basic Grey. Fun stuff.

Got some new Authentique. Yeah I know your surprised. *insert happy face here*. (Last time I did happy faces I almost got a virus). A few stamps. I have some glitter and stickles I need to use. 


  1. now these are flippin awesome -- grungy feeling? love the baaabies!!!

  2. love em both! darn cute kiddos!!

  3. I love seeing pics of the babies. :) Love the big tag with the fibers on the first page. These are both great, grunge and all. LOL!

  4. Lol! Love it! These are fabulous!! :)


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