Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Monday

Starting off the day with a dentist appointment. 6 month check up - should be good to go. And I'll have clean choppers. Love that.
So fish - love this underwater photo. Twas done with an iphone in a waterproof life case. I'll be checking into that baby - AND there are earphones. Yesss.......
Anyway this page took the weekend and a couple days prior to. I had the base down - however, it needed a little extra something. Was toooooo plain jane. 
I added some netting, homemade washi tape, initials, the little EK blingy numerals from my pal April and thickers. Those splats are a grass punch. 
And Cosmo Cricket. I know - I know.


  1. interesting about the phone~let us know what you find out!!! Love the extras that you added~It looks fab!!!!

  2. Saw a guy with his phone/ life case in a pint of beer a while ago. Wild.

  3. Love that you used the grass punch "out of the box". The splats look great (as does the rest of the page). :)

  4. Great addition with the yellow!

  5. welllll I see that you're as out of control as ever. love it :)
    COOL with a phone in a waterproof case??? GEEEEEEEEZ...and all the stuff?? no wonder my mojo likes you better *snort* Great LO my friend :)


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