Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF everyone!

Is it just me or is time flying by? Coming to the end of July.

I actually have an additional page but I need some journaling on it so you get to see this one. Only. So far.

Annie and Lucy cooling off in the backyard pool. She's just too adorable in her little white sunbonnet and bathing suit. I wish I looked that adorable in a bathing suit.

Authentique strikes again. I tried to do this page without flowers, because seriously flowers and pool fun?? But I had these adorable red, white and blue flowers from Recollections just calling my name. I even broke out the sewing machine AND instead of putting that puppy away, I rearranged my scrappy area and now it sits out where I can get to it without a lot of aggravation and work. I had always hesitated to set it out in my work area because it is located in the living room. BUT I have all the other cool tools out there and it is a creative area after all so I decided I'd just make it fit. And it does. So now I'll be using my sewing machine with obnoxious frequency.


  1. awesome LO with Authentique~loving their papers!!!! My Sewing machine sits out all the time~if it doesn't i wouldn't use it!!! Gorgeous, my friend!!!

  2. Great job with the Authentique. Their papers scare me. LOL! I haven't bought one single collection although I love them. Flowers with pool photos? Total thumbs up. I leave my sewing machine out all the time too. :)

  3. OUT.OF.CONTROL!!!!! I like it ;)

  4. My machine is always out! Great page! Works so well!

  5. I really do like your cute creation!!!

  6. Wow. Love this! My sewing machine is always out! Live stitching. Ok and I am jealous. Wish my mojo would come back!


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