Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh the places I'll go.....

by Dr. Suess. Sortof. Screwed the title up and when I found the "journaling" which is part of the rhyme/story - I fixed that up to go with the title.
Mixing  I and You would've totally been lame.

 I love it.

Anyway continuing on in accident vein - the arrows. It kinda looked stupid but I'm good with now the "journaling" is on them.

The bike - it is quite the rite of passage. You learn to balance, pedal, and steer. And when you get a little older -hopefully it'll take you places. Nowadays, (geez you know you're getting old when you start a sentence with that word). it has to be tougher. When I was a kid, I was able to freely roam "the hood." Whether walking, running or riding. It was a time when everyone knew everyone and all were watched over. Not in a bad way, cloying way. But in a way that you knew to behave or not get caught because you never wanted to hear the words - I know your mother and we'll be talking. LOL!!! Going back to a time like that would be a good thing. Nothing gives a kidlet confidence like "freedom."

Crate paper, thickers, QK vixen, Sissix slobbery kiss, Amer Craft brads, punched stuff, mm paint, unk arrow.


  1. are you kidding me~this is great. Love your LO's Lynn. Loving the arrows and journaling on them!!!!!

  2. Totally! I love it. The arrows are perfect, with or without the journaling!

  3. The arrows are perfect, not only for your journaling but they totally go with your theme and help move your eye around the page. :) Love it!

  4. I love this and the arrows are perfect! I also love your new blog header photo! Love Penny

  5. what a great cute! i love the layout...i think the arrows with the journaling are perfect!

  6. I like the arrows I think they make a great frame. :) Super cute layout!


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