Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - NOT!

I'm too yappy to be wordless. LOL!!! So I went to my LSS yesterday because I had a faulty punch I purchased last week. So I bought some Ranger inks and spritzer bottles. I really need to learn to look which direction the sprayer is going before I cut loose. Since it was raining I couldn't take it outside.
 Careful was not my middle name.

Don't be afraid to scrap your histomatic photos. I love taking them and getting them and my Jill rocks them. She sends me the best stuff. She really needs to have a blog. So Authentique strikes again. Seriously. I now have 2 more colors in my arsenol. So I picked up another punch. It's not my day or time for punches I guess, because I'm heading back to the LSS to return this one. This time the paper ain't coming out of it.

Die Cuts with a View (it's not Authentique). I know you're shocked. Love the baby stuff. So anyway instead of using my the new punch which is now broken, I used my new Tim Holtz sissix die for the lattice work here. I also take iphone photos. The iphone takes great shots and in printing them, I keep them to 3x5 mostly and on 8x8 works perfectly. That little splash of glitter and hole punch leftovers is a jack from Scraphousemama. I love how she uses everything in her aresonal - and why not. You have it. So now I'm attempting to do the same thing and make it look as good as she does.

Another line. I'll give you a minute to get up off the floor. LOL. Creative Imaginations.  So I wanted to break up the pattern on the base paper and I used white paint and a screen like element I pulled off a bag of potatoes. It made the best texture. Red onion bags have something similary.

A close up of the paint texture. Of course I didn't think of taking a photo until AFTER it was all put together. I know you're shocked.
And this is a 4x6 iphone photo and is looking goood. What an adorable face. Babies and after baths smell sooooooo amazing and feel so good. 
So I'm headed back to the scrapbook shop again. I hear they have a new shipment.


  1. You may be having punch problems, but you're cranking out some great layouts, Lynn. Love the texture from the potato bag and all of the sweet baby pics.

  2. glad you gave me a minute to get off the floor:):) longest post you have evr wrote and it is fitting for you. The Lo's are awesome. Love how you used the spritz and all the pieces!! fabulous!!!!

  3. AMAZING with all of this!!!
    Sorry about the punch-difficulties you're having odd is that??
    You can't tell that you've had any kind of issues though, because this stuff is all kinds of wonderful!!


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