Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh my....

such an adorable photo of Connor. I do a lot of living through photos. I love photos. I'm so thankful everyone is so generous in sharing their pix.
So G45 how can you go wrong? You really can't and it collided with Scraphousemama's style. Love that too, however, I'm working on how to work it into my style. Can't say not working it in being obvious, because obviously the not isn't gonna not work. Obviously.
So glad I could clear that up.


  1. Such a great boy page, Lynn...the colors, the papers, the patterns. Love it!

  2. I do too Lynn!! living through pic's that is. Love the G45 with this. Such a great lo and such a sweetie!!!!

  3. Such a sweet page! And be meaning to tell you I love the picture in your header!!

  4. This is so much fun! I love it! And, thanks for the sweet mention :) Made my day!

  5. So very cute Lynn. Klove the G45 with that photo!


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