Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maddawg's Madcap....

on ScrapNChat the first of the month.
Lots of cool challenges going on.
Maddawg's Madcap Is about swinging both ways.
 Biscraptual. bwahahahaa.
Otherwise known as a hybrid.
Used grey cardstock, and the photo was placed
as a watermark. Messed with opacity and
wa-la. Blending.
Since the right side had room, that's where the journaling
was placed. Just straight typing. 
The title was done with Quickutz.

journaling: Capise. Comprende.Guacamole. These three words when said to my boys, they knew I meant business. I mean it and they better pay attention. The knew I was easy. I could be swayed I was so not tough. But when I said these words, I was in the moment. I meant what I said. I could not be swayed. I believe in right and wrong and I mean to convey that to them. Have I succeeded. Sadly, in some cases no. But life is such that sometimes lessons have to be learned the hard way. And as much as we want to pare our children that. We cannot. We had hard times. We worked our way through. Who are we to decide that they are not to have them as well. But as parents. AS a mom. We would love to not have them learn anything the hard way. But as *I* have learned the hard way sometimes removing the “hard way” from the path does more harm than good. Because they do not learn the lesson of the hard way, but learn the easy path, which can be more harmful, painful than if they had learned the hard way. Sadly, I have learned parenting the hard way.

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