Thursday, May 24, 2012

Point and shoot

I love candid shots. I don't think this is one of them. However, we were all taking turns holding Lou and passing cameras about.

Here he is with his granny. He's such a lucky boy in addition to granny, he has a grammy and a grandma. Good thing he's got the grandpops to balance all that girly stuff out.
This shot was done with my point and shoot. Stealthy. Because evidently you aren't supposed to take pix on take off and landing.

What schmuck came up with that lame rule.

However, on take off, I caught this shot before I got busted. I love it and you really can't have too many of the Washington Monument. Really.


  1. The first one is precious! And the second is a great picture!

  2. Love your new blog header, Lynn! Is that one you got with your hipstamatic? Love the sweet baby/grandma page and your "contraband" layout of the monument. LOL! :)

  3. Love the new header, that boat shot is fabulous! Granny and baby are adorable! I am so jealous of your airline shot, I have tried a couple of times to get one and have failed miserably. LOL Love your "enter to win". Love Penny

  4. Wow the boats.
    Both layouts are incredible. I'll have to remember the point 'n shoot technique!

  5. Great layouts! The first is so sweet and the second is cool! What a scofflaw you are. LOL. Just kidding. I would have done the same, or at least tried.

  6. love the new blog header~fabulous for summer. I'm a point and shoot girl, most of the time comes out ok~I guess I don't know what I'm missing. Love your sweet Lo's~as always adorable!!!


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