Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I hate to bore you but....

 but those photos were very inspirational. 
And ideas kept rolling around in my head til one finally popped out. As I mentioned before we were at Harpoon Harry's. We used to go there a lot when we had the small boat. It was a great destination because the kids had something to do-a huge game room and we had a wonderful open air table to talk and relax. I'm glad I got to document this most enjoyable time and relate it back to others.

K&Company paper - which is just perfect. QK vixen - which I'm finding I'm using a lot.


  1. you boring ~NEVER!!!! love the layout and I'm loving your pics!!!

  2. Just looking at this makes me feel serene and relaxed. Beautiful photos and great layout, Lynn!

  3. Love your hipsta prints and this lo! Not going to lie- the iphone is a lot less bulky to play with sometimes huh.

  4. I LOVE these papers for those photos. Way cool!

  5. Beautiful pics and a gorgeous layout!!


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