Saturday, May 12, 2012

New lens fun.....

My darling sweet hubby surprised me with the
new Tamron 18-270 lens with stabilization
and piezo drive.
 It is lighter, faster and quieter than the previous lens.
It also slides out easier (no stuck spot)
and when you're shooting down
it doesn't creep out.
 So we took a rode trip through Casey Key
and the north jetty in Venice.
 I love this lens as an all around and I don't need
to carry a lot of gear when I travel.
I know some pros may scoff, but I'm a total
amatuer. I admit it. My whole
goal is to get great shots that don't need a lot 
of behind the scenes tweaking.
 These needed a bit of tweaking as I still have
problems with direct sunlight.
And people had body parts peeking out in
the edges of my pix.
So I blotted them out.
 However, I'm excited about these.
This is the Venice skyline from the jetty.
Lots of water.
 And the Nokomis beach, a great place to hang
is in north jetty park. 
Its also an inlet for boats, and has some great
fishing. And pelicans.
Love them.


  1. Yay for the new lens! Great pics!

  2. O Lynn!!! What a great husband! How many hints did you have to leave! Soo jealous! And...great pics!

  3. wow...wonderful pictures!!! s glad for you to have this new "allround" lens...seems to d a good job :-))))
    enjoy the weekend, Lynn!

  4. I'd say you have a great hubby! :) You took some beautiful photos with your new lens. It's one I've been considering for a while. Nice to have a review. :)

  5. awesome hubby~I totally get the creep out. never had it happen to me before~looks so weird!!! Great pic's!!!

  6. Wow, lucky you! I've been eyeing this lens but I really like a faster one. This is 3.5-6.3? I rarely use mine wide open but it's nice to have that option. My walkaround is the EFS 17-55 and it's not enough zoom but it's 2.8 throughout, so nice for low light. I need more zoom but still fast. I don't ask much, do I? LOL. Congrats!!

  7. Congrats on the new lens, and you took some great photos with it! Love Penny

  8. Beautiful!! All the pics are just lovely and what a wonderful present!!

  9. Well, those are great shots! Great lens!


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