Friday, May 18, 2012

There are many good things about blog hopping

And one of them is finding a blogger that has a really cool and unique style that speaks to you. Ashli aka Soaphousemama, at the Purplemailbox's  pages struck my fancy. So I decided to lift one - Ben. More or Less. It was fun and I love the result. And because I enjoy her work, I can now stalk her because she's in my ireader, on igoogle and whenever she updates, I'll know about it. Check out her blog and her work. You're gonna love it.

So Us should really be them, because Us isn't me. (I should ever have looked that awesome) Or it could be they. However, since its for their album I decided to go with Us. 

I'm so glad I could clear that up.

I used Basic Grey out of print for this and dug around for some stamps and rubons I haven't used in a long long time. And thickers. I had to throw a couple of the packages out because they annoyed me by falling out everywhere and sticking everywhere but where you want them. 

However, they did work here. 

I did publish another hub - Power outages leave you in the dark. Please click on the link, enjoy and remember to vote UP. Thanks so much for support.


  1. Great layout and I have to admit I'm a SoapHouseMama stalker also! Love her work! I also love the older Basic Grey papers! I wish they would bring back a line or two! I voted for you! Love Penny

  2. love how it came out!!:):) I like her work also!!So unique!!

  3. Awesome page, Lynn! It's my new favorite of yours. :)

  4. Gorgeous! I'll have to check out SoapHouseMama.


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