Friday, May 25, 2012

Boyz & their Toyz

Bwahhahaha. Always quite the poser!
Q's having a blast. Love the Authentique for this. Actually I love Authentique for most anything. 

Had quite a productive week. Lost almost 2 lbs. wooo-hooo! I was getting really annoyed there for awhile with the gains. I was getting quite a snarky attitude. I therefore began to increase the exercise and rejuggled the food stuffs. I've hopped on the bike and it feels quite good.

Also created quite a few pages - and managed to get a great balance between and the kidlets albums. Those 8x8 are evergreen so until I stop (bwhahahaha as if) they will just have to put up with it.  Which totally makes me happy.

And when mama and/or grammy's happy - everyone's happy. 


  1. Oh Lynn...what a photo! And totally love the design of this. Awesome layout!

  2. yep they are!!! Love those boyz!!! Love the design just might have to do a lift:):) great page Lynn!!!

  3. haha! What a little ham. Great layout.

  4. SUch a fun photo and a cool page, Lynn. Love what you did with the banners!


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