Saturday, April 28, 2012

Practicing my street photography

Which really needs a lot of practice.
It was really fun...
I didn't shoot in black and white.
 The streets of New York are always lit.
And I used a preset by Thomas Fitgerald for the B&W
which I totally love how it came out.
 This dude was totally covered.
And never moved.
He could be dead, and everyone just 
passed on by. Including me.
 Taxi cabs and traffic are always fun.
Like Mr. Toad's wild ride.
 If you care, my ISO was 6400.
And I used Tungsten on the white balance.
Because really really dark out wasn't a choice.
 The shutter was 1/125 and aperture was F/4.
I had the setting on AV. So the camera chose the shutter.
 We got to know the subways. 
And they aren't pretty.
But they're fast and functional.
They get you everywhere you want to go.
Rather quickly.
 The fun part is people ask us for help.
We only know where we want to
go and how to get there.
So if they were going our way. It was all good.


  1. once again u got some great photos!!!! love them...


  2. WOW Lynn...those are all great photos! You got the touch!

  3. A.MA.ZI.NG.
    you know, you and I need to go somewhere. I haven't randomly stalked strangers or places in a while!


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