Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So while I was on my way to creating this page...

the evolution was like birthin' a baby.
Most of my pages are.
Add and item here, take away there, no gluing till
ready and then trying to adhere it the sameway.
When I got it done, I realized it was nice.
Blech. Nice is good but when you create you
want something a little more. 
And at times, it doesn't take much.
After letting it simmer a bit and doing some drivebys
just to move a bit beyond nice, I realized I 
didn't have a title. And really sometimes you don't
need one, and I didn't want the obvious either -
St. Patrick's day. This is more.
These are Annie's great grandparents.
How awesome is that.
So I added a title and decided a bit more was needed.
And then just a bit of stickles just seemed to complete it.
Who knew something easy as stickles
would take it beyond nice.
The hardest part is waiting for it to dry.
So for Maddawg's Madcap, when you think its finished
and you don't like nice add that somethin' somethin'.


  1. Yes and I Love my stickles! LOL!! Sometimes you just need to leave and come back to a project later. Great job and what a special picture :)

  2. I love the end result but I hear ya on feeling a page needs something more. Sometimes it turns out to be the littlest things, like a title or some Stickles. :)

  3. I don't use stickles to much:( BUT I love how you did and it looks fabulous!! Just never think of them:):) Love the LO and such a sweet picture!!!

  4. looks like you worked it out - love the final result!!!!

  5. Love how you've tucked the tag in the swirl!

  6. Wow-amazing the difference that made!! It's a gorgeous layout.


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