Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fixing up an unwanted smudge

Nothing worse than having an accident on an almost completed page.
In the upper left corner where that flower sits innocently
I was adding some Nuvo dots.
I was quite successful adding them on the right side of the flower
and down by the butterfly but on the left side
the dots ran together and looked like a bug so I took
a wipe and made a huge black smudge
that no amount of cleaning up was gonna make it right.

Of course I was annoyed, really annoyed. 
Since I cut the paper down to 8x8 I had extra so I cut
a 1/2 inch piece and decided to run it all the way down the side.
Which looked well stupid.
I added stitching and now it looks like I meant to do that.
Love it when a plan comes together.
Cough cough.
Studio Calico, WRMK, and MAMBI alphas (again).


  1. Your plan worked out perfectly. :) Love how this turned out.

  2. Very cleverly done. I had not really heard of Nuvo dots; since I'm not good with messy - I don't think I will investigate them any further.

  3. you are so clever thinking about put my sewing machine my room and giving it a whirl


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