Thursday, December 15, 2016

Documenting artwork

Love documenting kidlets artwork because
it does, at times, have a short shelf life or the over abundance
of it gets out of control so its good to keep a record.
I actually knew Angry Bird. 
Shocking I know. 
But what a great likeness that is and it does
look so cool and makes me wish I had some talent like that.
It's a simple, yet colorful 8x8 page with
a faux tag, a neat embossed feather courtesy of Miss Holli
who very patiently cut a bunch for me
and a brad. I haven't used brads for ages-remember
when they where hot.
And of course that Tim Holtz bird and words.
That green dot looked more blue.


  1. it came out great ! had so much fun scrapping that day

  2. Looks great and the feather is great too. They look good on all stuff :)


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