Monday, December 19, 2016

Scrappin' the Scraps

My scrap box was getting out of control at the same
time my mojo was at a low so I
broke out all my diecuts and punches and scraps
(oh my)
and went crazy.
Also, this mini album arose out of the scraps as well.
And it is meant to be lighthearted fun.
 Using a lot of scraps and diecuts I decided
the book would be sorta about me.
Mostly favorite friends and events.
One of my favorite pix with my honey slurping
down a most delish ice cream cone.
And my favorite bird stamp. 
 Got some PL cards in there as well and that
pile is slooowlly dwindling.
 Also got rid of some leftover embellies and
added them for no reason.
 Couldn't NOT have some selfies going on and of course,
snap chat that I can finally get through
without the help of 10 year olds and younger LOL.
 There is even A LIST in there.
 Love the edge that the "notebook" papers give.
They are leftovers from the smash book
I used on my "leaf peeping tour" that didn't quite
make the cut. (It was a wedding planner album after all).
 And I totally had to scrap about me and Holli's at
home crops. Mostly meeting at her house 
because she HAS A TON OF ROOM and TONS
And of course the punch!! had to be documented.
I know you've heard me whine about losing this punch.
It was not only a favorite but the first punch I ever bought.
So my pal would punch different colors for me to use at home
and then for Christmas my pal not only gave me
one, but there's a smaller one!
And of course those adorable critters.
 Wouldn't be a complete album without my
Crossfit adventures and family.
I have been trying to get that heart on something
for like EVER.
Shane doodled on everything and I have made a page
about those way in the past.
Couldn't find said page, so it must be way in the past.

 Finishing up with some PL cards.
Love how it turned out. Very fun, goofy and eclectic.


  1. darling~this should have gotten your mojo back :)

  2. the book came out GREAT!!!! inspired me to do one..


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