Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Little mini done!

Remember this post on what to do with overwhelming scraps
well this is book #3. Book #1 went to my pal Holli
and she's still working on it.
However, this is done, finis, complete and love how it turned out.
This is for Jill and I hope she likes it.

I also apologize for the photos as the book is chockfull of stuff
and it wants to pop open at random times....
so therefore, my finger is holding it down and focus
is a bit iffy.

 I used an enormous amount of PL cards and
do-dads and those gi-normous letters
as their initials.

Lots of stash and packaging done and in the garbage
and used! 
Love how it turned out.
Jill sends lots of photos and lately I had been greedy
doing a bunch for me, so I decided
that an album would be fun rather than random pages.

I didn't realize until after I started how many pages were in the book.
Towards the end, I started stapling some together
because honestly, not that I didn't have enough photos BUT
it really would've been TOO much.
As it is, its already fat and won't lay flat and I'm still 
trying to figure out how to "close" it per se.
I'm not sure I have anything strong enough to hold
and also not look real dumb.
Any thoughts?


  1. Such a great album, Lynn! Chock full of awesome stuff. :)

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you got done with that so fast... i'm still working on mine boy i wish i didn't have to work i could scrap everyday and not be bored...

  3. turned out so cute! I have the paper just need to do one :)

  4. Just gorgeous, so much lovely detail. :)


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