Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Using every beach die cut I have technique-sort of

Since it works for stamps I figured I'd give
it awhirl for die cuts.
I got carried away cutting them out but in the end I
did use some restraint in putting them on the page.
 I also got carried away with the spare parts flowers.
Originally, flowers were not even remotely a thought to go on the page.
BUT, I needed restraint on the die cuts because
it started to look cartoony.
 So therefore, there is one of each die or maybe a couple of the same.
 The title is Studio Calico and it was a gold-like
color or maybe khaki and it blended in way too much with 
the netting so I dabbed white paint and 
shabby chic'd it up so it can be seen.
I'm also liking the 3 of the same photo going on.
I'm not sure I've ever done this.
Anyone remember? LOL.
And how about working it in on a "background" paper.
Points for that.


  1. page came out great! i love that paper im glad you got to use finally, i don't think you ever did a lo with the same photo on it i love it

  2. Beautiful beach page, Lynn! I love how you used the netting!

  3. I love this! The mix of nautical and flowers goes together so well! BL

  4. Love how you used the fishing net ~ this is so pretty!!!


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