Thursday, June 30, 2016

The title could not be helped

It was just one of those aha moments because
I was really stuck on.....
wait for it.
 Guitar man.
Trite but true.
I found that adorable record in a Basic
Grey sticker sheet and it works perfectly.
I also had that itty bitty note punch forEVER
and trite but true decided to toss that in.
After staring at the page for the umpteenth time.
The title came.
Bwahahaha love it because
the adorable guitar man is Sam.
Taking after dad.
With two musical parents you can't go wrong.
Studio Calico paper & stamp,  Basic Grey stickers, Thickers,
QK die cut and punches.
Those gold hearts and stars you've seen bounced
around the pages are homemade.
I bought a 12x12 gold glitter paper from HL
and whack away with punches.
Love having a stash of them.


  1. Omg! Its perfect! Absolutely love it!

  2. What a great layout! Your posts are inspiring!! Thanks for sharing! Bloggie Love

  3. How cute and great title! BL


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