Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What to do with overwhelming scraps

I wish I could say I thought of this but alas tis another
"steal" from soaphouse mama.
As you can see below my scrap box is overwhelmingly full
and quite annoying.
I decided that something needed to be done.
I took assorted scraps and tossed them into this adorable little album.
No rhyme no reason - just folded papers
I thought would work and then stitched them down the middle.
As I was sewing this one - I must've stuffed it too full
because in the middle my poor sewing machine lit up like a
Christmas tree and stopped.
I made some adjustments and managed to get it stitched but the 
back was soooo messy I added that binding to
make it look pretty.
Here is the inside and sorry for the blurries
I can't redo because I gave it to my friend Holli
who is in the process of scrappin it.
 As soon as she posts it - I'll link you up.

 Since there was still a lot of papers in that box
I threw together another one (for me) and didn't go quite as
crazy out of respect for my poor sewing machine.

Using scissors is not my friend right now and 
I gots the pooch mouth because my arm is out of commission 
more or less (tendonitis)
I am so not in the mood to do anything right now.

I was still not satisfied with the amount remaining in the scrap box
I decided to toss together a 6x6 album for the
little trip we'll be taking next month.
I was debating on using the album above, but I would
only have a finite amount of pages and then I would
need to be careful so I didn't run out.
I'll be seeing grandkidlets so who wants to ration pages.
 I used some chipboard for the cover that I need
to snaz up and then tossed
different bits and sizes of papers and PL cards in it.
 It really looks cool and some papers
have a white back that I'm totally fine with
as I'll have a place to journal.
And in this case I can just keep adding paper or PL cards
if I need as we travel along.
And ta-da.....
Here's what's remaining and it does look a bit
more manageable now.
However, that adorable old basic grey baby paper
there maybe enough left of those papers 
to eke out another small album. 


  1. You've been busy! Such a great way to work the scraps! :)

  2. I just love the book working steady on it hopfully ill have it finished by next weekend

  3. I just love the book working steady on it hopfully ill have it finished by next weekend

  4. that is awesome.. amazing pages.. full of fun and colour.. BL


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