Monday, June 6, 2016

Little bits and pieces scattered about

One of my favorite follows is Soaphouse Mama and I
love her style so every now and then (or really a lot often)
when I get stuck its fun to "lift" or incorporate 
someone else's style.
However, Ashli does a lot of white and soft colors-
I use wild papers still, but she has a way
of using bits and pieces on her pages that have no
theme or reason to be there except they're adorable, fun and
her words "unexpected."
And this page is that.
See that adorable bunny peeking out - he's just ridiculously cute.
And that bow - I have this cute punch.
I made that tag - and it was fun using those green hole punch
fixers because you can't just buy the few
that I needed to
fix some punched holes that are falling apart
on the pages in my latest travel album .
 Same with the bicycle - no reason for that to be there either
except I really like it.
I find myself wanting to use more stamps (I have a ton)
and do-dads - (more tons).
 I love those stars and dots sprinkled about and
some negative and positive punches.

Studio Calico, Dear Lizzy, Basic Grey, Tim Holtz, Stickos,
Paper Issues


  1. LOVE IT! I need to be more adventurous with my do dads i just cant seem to do it just because it doesnt really belong it fits perfectly.. i know its me needing to be matchy

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  3. Fabulous page, Lynn! Love what you did here. :)

  4. great cluster on love the bike at a slant.


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