Monday, March 14, 2016

Someone else's selphy/selfie

Love the Basic Grey Kelly Purkey
because purple can be sooooo dramatic
and cool.
When I was young it was my favorite color
and its actually my birthstone.
It just occurred to me I spelled selfie wrong but I'm rolling with it.
I knew there was something wrong and couldn't
put my finger on it.
Till now.
My bad.
And the transparencies are soooo cool.
This sat on my desk for awhile because
being the decisive person
that I am,
I couldn't decide on anything.
Then I decided it was plain and tried to use
some white ink with a stencil on the background.
but it did add something.
So this is my handsome son who is also
a photographer - more so than me,
and he was messing with dramatic lighting.


  1. Such a cool photo and page, Lynn! Love the dramatic look of it all.

  2. What a great page, love the embellishments at the top. BL

  3. love the design and placement ~ great page! You're on a roll!!

  4. Love, love, love this page!!!! AWESOME!!!! BL


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