Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Punching out a background

I used the Martha Stewart go anywhere punch
and punched out this background.
It's actually the flip side of the paper that I wanted.
I then squirted some paint and ran it down the card stock page
and made a freakin' mess unlike Soaphousemama - where the idea
came from.
Because that's how I roll.
Therefore, this paper annoyed me and I started again.
I did pitch it and rescued it because in hindsight its not too bad.
So this is the new version
and of course I didn't think to take a pix of the start.
 However, I punched and painted again and liked the
results much better.
The punch is weird though you have to line it up just right.
Imagine that.
 This time if you'll notice my sewing machine went bonkers.
Somehow all the threads got tangled and I
must say it takes a real talent to screw the threads up in the bobbin.
 Totally love how this turned out.
Well except for the stitching but its part of its charm.
All Studio Calico I think.
I'm up in the air about the critters.
Could be Paper Issues.

No Amelia doesn't where glasses but she freakin' rocks them.
In her mind all mom's wear glasses.
LOL. Kids.


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