Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scenes around the keys

It's very easy to sashay from key to the next
therefore, it's hard to keep up which is where so just
follow the bridges.
 As you know I love structures and how cool is that
on the water.
 This is the now defunct railroad bridge of
which I have a million shots from another trip.
But not from this view.
 And of course I have to take a million of
this stationary object.
Just in case it moves.
 You can see better here. 
The trains traveled on the bottom and cars on the tippy top.
 Needless to say I would NOT be happy on the top layer.

And yes it was that windy - from last night through today.
It is relentless in buffering the RV
Sad that a boat bit the dust, but cool shot nonetheless.
Heading home tomorrow.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I wouldn't be happy driving on the top of that bridge either. Eek! Love the photos though! :)

  3. Such beautiful photos! Looks like a great place to be! -BL

  4. love the photos. We drove the keys about 16 years ago :)

  5. Beautiful photos! I love the keys! BL

  6. Beautiful pics, as always! We are due another visit to the keys, but not till late fall or winter for this hot mama :-) yes, winds in an RV are no bueno!


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