Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Such a tame word that means so much.
Balance - staying on one's feet, working things
in your life where you can have it all.
Balance just doesn't apply to adults - children also
need balance, like routine it can be comforting.

So raise your hand if you sometimes have trouble coming
up with a blog title. 
Not only a blog title but a page title - however,
this one seemed to be a natural.

That orange blob next to the clock is an 8 - turned sideways
and now it looks like a heart - love that - stash used.
 You may notice this b&w paper from here.
It started out as a regular page that turned into a disaster
and then got gessoed and whacked to 6x12 to save it
because I really liked it. This one had an added bonus
where I punched a heart out right at the bottom.
So I decided to emphasize it and backed it with a heart
stamped heart from this weeks DIY "tags".
And then I found I bigger heart punched out on paper
that totally went with the papers and tossed that it to emphasize
the boo-boo even more. And turned a pumpkin upside down.
And why not....
 I didn't realize how dark that photo was until now
it looks good IRL. So this is Miss Amelia
using a curb like a balance beam.
All Studio Calico, except for the washi and mists.


  1. Love how you repurposed the eight, Lynn! I would never have known. I struggle with titles too. Balance happens to be the name of the yoga studio I go to. :)

  2. nice design ~ so slimming. love the look :)


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