Thursday, March 3, 2016

Documenting a fun get together

Life takes funny turns especially as you
get on with the business of life.
The closeness you had with cousins, or others, in your youth
at times devolves due to marriage, moving or
Well, it appears that the planets and stars aligned
and cousins from yesteryear landed in Florida.
And how was that known???
My DH created a closed facebook page for "The Murphy Clan"
where pictures, stories and updates can be posted
and man they poured in.
As cousins posted they were moving to Florida and/or traveling
to Florida - and after checking the posts that's when plans were made for a get together.
And it was so much of fun.
 Of course it had to be documented with an informal get together photo so peeps
 down the line can see while hopefully they're doing the same.

Also - once the cousins got together, stories flowed and
the heritage album I started from pictures sent from one of the cousins
was brought out - well I was stoked because that's
what its all about, and those stories I was hearing??? I made
said cousins write them directly on my page, sign their name and date it.
I'm hoping there's more stories and writing to come.
This is my page for our album to document the event and
now that more are moving closer, hopefully more get togethers are in the offing.
We enjoyed corned beef and cabbage as we're Murphy's, after all,
along with an insane assortment of delicious desserts as everyone caught up on life.

All of which I need to journal about on that blank white tag.
I did some really faint stamping in the background and tossed on
some Heidi Swapp mist and gold alphas-studio calico.

Basic Grey.


  1. Looks amazing~ love the red and the tags, nice place to tell your story!

  2. Awesome layout and such a great story to tell.

  3. What a cool way to document the event and capture stories to boot!


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