Sunday, November 22, 2015

A page with no specific title and multiple photos...gasp

I know!!!
What's up with that.
Well let me explain.....
The grandkidlets came to visit and made a list 
of things they wanted to do - they are 7 and 4 years old.
Therefore I wanted the focus to be on the list
written out by Owen and confirmed by Annie as good to go.
If you look closely, the boxes were checked
as we went along.
 I also wanted the photos to show the checked off item.
That resulted in a multi photo page that made me
fuss around for awhile because I really
wanted it less graphic and
more wild - however, its obvious I have issues with wild.
 When I punched the strip all those itty bitty
circles came out and I modge podged the white side
and tossed the circles around
and then promptly covered most of them up.
Love how it turned out as this documents
their total stay and nothing says that I can't do
individual pages too.

In full disclosure the rest of the week has all the pages completed.
I watched a binge video of SoaphouseMama
in maniac mode basically killing a kit
(here's the link if you want to check it out and become a fan-
scroll down for video)
(I watched this video several times)
and I decided to do the same - so basically I killed
or mostly wounded my November Studio Calico kit - Canyonland.
And it feels so good - not to have leftovers.


  1. Such a fun page and I love that you included their list! BL

  2. Love it all~you have some really special embellishments on this page :)

  3. Awesome job with using multiple photos. It looks great and I adore that you included Owen's checklist. What a keepsake!

  4. what a fun page. Great photos but LOVE that you have their handwriting preserved. Absolutely precious! BL

  5. great page.. love the multi photos and the pop of colour.. BL


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