Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Still speaking of crops

 Whilest attending the current crop, a lady popped in 
and gave Holli and I a photo of the previous
crop. And how cool is that.
 I really am not happy with alot of photos that get taken of me
but I was really pleased with this one so I decided
to scrap it.
 Because other than blogging about it and showing
the completed pages - I never scrapped about it.
Shocking I know.
 I found this wild paper from Studio Calico - loved it
and found it was perfect for the photo and topic.
Early on I went to crops and really didn't like them.
I sort of fly by the seat of my pants when I scrap and neeeeeeed
all my stuff around. Even with homemade kits
its the little details that make a page and if I don't have them
I stop dead in my tracks - or used to.
Therefore, after the first several fiascos I learned that I 
needed to suck it up and just pack a majority 
of "the stuff".
And doesn't that make for a more enjoyable experience.
Now I need to get over the annoyance I feel that I have to hunt
and dig for stuff that I can find sort of quick at home.
Always something. 

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