Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where was this paper on our West of the Mississppi Tour

this is perfect.
As you know when we take long vacays
I tend to name them.
It makes them easier to find.
To date - we have the Wild West Tour, The Broken Foot Tour
and now this one.
Would you believe I still haven't scrapped the Wild West Tour
and that was OMG...2012 😐
Still dithering about with the how of it.
Anyway, this photo is from the recent tour.
 Love the paper as soon as I saw and it was totally perfect
for what I had in 
I did a page earlier this year and when I saw this paper
I knew I wanted to do a similar page ( see below)
with our new rig..... 
 Kept everything simple and tried not to overwhelm
anything - and love how this came together.
Both are Studio Calico papers...
The sentiments are different as I didn't want to be a total
copy cat.
Both pages really express what our trips
are all about and how we "explore" and "wander."


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