Saturday, November 14, 2015

Venice Chalk Festival Highlights

We started out in downtown on Miami Ave and
amazingly acquired a parking stop
right behind this mural.
It was amazing to see the beginnings of one
and the grids and outlines.
This artist got a bit farther along - when we came back
from the airport.
They have until Sunday to complete their projects
for the judging.
 The entire block is blocked off.
 It's amazing to watch the shading and coloring
and the depth they get.
They almost look like they're jumping off the pavement.
 There is also a free shuttle - which is a very comfy bus
that will take you to the Venice
Airport that has more chalk murals going on.
This is a 3D mural - that allow posing - of course the
grandkidlet had the sun in her eyes
and wouldn't reach for the beak.
Which would've been fun.
 If you look closely you can see
the photo that they're working off (lower left corner)
and it kind of gives you an idea of what's going on.
 This was just a really cool elephant.

 The beginnings of everyone's favorite captain.
Not Morgan. LOL.
This mural was amazing - and it will be
450 feet when completed.
Don't those borders look like actual tiles?
There was a scaffoling that we walked all the way down
to climb but it was $5 and I wasn't carrying moola.
So I stood in front and held my camera UP
and after a few 9387413947193740 tries - GOT one.
If that bucket wasn't there.....
and I wasn't sure what I'd be cloning either.....
so work in progress.
It is called "The celebration of the gods" and there is
a stream of wine down the middle of the runway to the fountains
that flow right into a mouth.
They are going to be so amazing when completed.
Hopefully we'll get back - however,
there's the Sandcastle competition going on too.


  1. Wow, those are amazing! Haven't been reading much, one day I'll catch up...yeah right!

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