Monday, November 9, 2015

8th and final Kit from the crop

Would you believe I counted wrong and if you look back at my
posts I had TWO kits in the title of the blog - that said 4th Kit.
Headslappin' doh.
I knew I finished - but the count seemed wrong.
I either need to learn to read, stop guessing or learn to count.
 And there you have it. The sparsest of all kits I believe.
 So I changed things up a bit.
Well okay - alot.
I swapped out the white cardstock for black - it just seemed more dramatic.
I also dug about in my scraps box
and found some Studio Calico I loved.
the gold and white always a good pick to pop off black.
The other paper had 3 different patterns like block style so I cut them
out by the blocks and used them for mats.
I then fussy cut the flowers and used them as an embellishment which was fun.
Found some Basic Grey embellishments that worked 
and added them.
I did take a stencil with some modeling paste and puts some dots
from right to sortof left.
It just needed that something more and it kindof modeled the
chalkiness of the flowers.
Love this photo and it just pops off. 

Again I'm glad I waited until I got home to do this kit as was well.
I think overall I kitted pretty darn good
it just seems that the last couple I ran out of steam
since they were the kits with the least amount in them.
I'm sure I would've thought of something
had I got to them - but that would have really optimistic.


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