Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hanging out with Favorite Youngest Son

Who just turned 24.
But who's counting LOL!
We stayed at Ochlocknee River Park again
and had lovely weather and campsites.
And here we have the pole sitter.
Watching over the camp.

Here is the famous white squirrel a genetic mutation of
the grey squirrels - and a tad shy.
This one did have grey on his head and a stripe down his back.
Really cool.
Shane and I trying to get the birthday selfies right.

 It took a few times - and then shazam.
Got one!
Seriously I really only have one chin.


  1. you look cute with your son!!!! Love the pole sitter!

  2. Those squirrels are too cute! Love the selfie. :)

  3. great selfies! I have never seen a white squirrel...too cool!


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