Thursday, June 4, 2015

Working on a mixed media journal

for our road trip coming up in July.
And its coming along quite nicely - however,
its taking up a bunch of room (as you will see) with a lot of supplies
so therefore, it is the only thing in my limited space that I'm working on.
I purchased the smaller Dylusions mixed media journal -
 and after the purchase I hit google of course to find 
samples of completed journals - and there are some good videos
out there - AND, there were also reviews,
some good, some bad.
Most were concerned with page saturated and then have the pages
fall out and the band broke - what I learned from the designer
 - was to not do the pages in order.
Skip about - 
I was also "doing" pages after I put the gesso on - which they
say you don't need - but I chose to do it - on all 100 pages in the book.
It helped with the saturation - I have experienced only had a bit
and it came through the binding between pages.
Of course they also recommend Dylusions products.
Since you will see I have a ton of mists - that are not Dylusions
I felt the need to go with what I had.
I also decided to have fun with the book and to try and keep
the bulk to a minimum.
I was pretty successful with the fun - not so much with the bulk.
I pulled out every stamp and do-dad I thought would be good.
And I have used quite a bit of stash.
You will note I'm diggin' on the chickens and critters
in general - and used up the transparency fruits and flora.
I have also used alot of stamps I had NEVER used.
Also a neat tip I found from the videos - was to make mixed media
tags from the excess misting of which I did alot LOL.
I've also found that I'm a deadly mister - and its EVERYWHERE.
There will be a huge cleanup after.
And here is the disaster that my desk is.
Which is why the book needs to be completed before
I move on to anything else.
I can't wait to begin using this - I plan to journal of course
and add bits and pieces of ephemera I collect along the way.

Also my my mojo and summer fun seems to have
an effect on my postings and creativity or lack thereof.
Both have been somewhat erratic and I'm leaning
toward thinking that's the way its going to roll.
So please bear with me.
If you use blog loving and follow me - it makes it easier to know
when I post something new and your then not wasting
time checking.
Thanks for coming by and your comments - 
It totally makes my day.


  1. This looks awesome, Lynn! Loving all of the stamping throughout. I'm kind of partial to the cute cow saying "moo". :) Thanks for your idea of what to do about Alexa not wanting to have her picture taken. I'm going to see what I can come up with. LOL!

  2. I have the small one too and am having a hard time starting and I have done several classes with Dyan R. Yours looks great ~ I wondered about the gesso too. She doesn't use gesso on her pages. :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I came here to get inspired because I want to do one for the cruise,but can't figure out what I want.


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