Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trying to take photos of tots

is like herding cats. And for some reason, my focus was a tad skewed in some of the pix. Darnit. Grandpop and Owen having fun when he stopped moving for a few moments.
Ginny and her grands hanging in the tree. Lucas started it by hanging in the tree. He's always good for a great picture.
Tough guy look.

And Miss Amelia running off steam on a walk, enjoying the moment. 
The steps into the family room fascinated all the littles. They went up and down a bazillion times and looking like quite the fashionista. I happened to catch Miss Amelia taking them on.
Miss Annie was looking pretty in her gold headband and pretty dress hanging with dad.

Grandpop also caught up with baby Lou and were getting to know each other. Lou was looking quite dapper in his lil red leisure suit.
Another fun and almost could be called a tradition now-year 2,  is Grandpop and Owen making fresh pasta after eating all that turkey. 
Grandpop's job is to make the pasta and Owen's job is to crank it through the pasta machine. Its a tough job and he does it really really well. All that kid power put to good use. They make a great team!


  1. these are great!!!! memories in the making..

  2. looks like you diid pretty good!! awesome pics lynn!!!

  3. Really really cute babies! How I wish they don't grow up.

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I have to tell you that the photo of Grandpop (with Lou) really took me for a loop. He looks so much like my dad in that picture.

  5. Great pics! If you think tots are tough, try crabby teens. I took a few pictures of my kids during a walk today and my 16 yo didn't smile once. She looked mad the whole time. ugh.


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